Our i2SolversTech offices are skilled at managing the day-to-day logistics for our temporary employees. Your team will often include a team leader, account managers, recruiters and administrative staff.

For high-volume contingent workforces, we can also provide an on-site manager at your location to provide close support for our assigned employees and manage any needs.

i2SolversTech on-site managers are responsible for daily account operations; often that includes functions such as the following.

  1. Administration: Coordinate time collection; review and distribute invoices; administer vacation/time off requests; handle direct labor rate changes; maintain records on requirements, submittals and hires for improvement purposes; compile necessary reports as determined by the Management Team (i.e. total employees/month, employees by department, cost by department, etc.)
  2. Management: Act as a liaison between the BelFlex branch, corporate support services and employees; coordinate all customer requirements; supervise employees; participate in manpower planning; interact with client personnel to understand technical personnel needs; discover and implement employee process improvements; meet performance metrics as defined by the Management team.
  3. Human resources: Gather customer feedback on i2SolversTech’s performance; perform new employee realistic job previews/information sessions; answer benefit and administrative questions; gather feedback on employee performance; maintain employee records; participate in selecting qualified employees; participate in employee performance evaluations’; resolve employee conflicts/utilize open door policy; coordinate employee special events; alert i2SolversTech branches when employees’ assignments end, assisting them in obtaining other employment; administer employee disciplinary procedures; perform employee terminations; perform exit interviews