When seasonal or other immediate needs mean you need to ramp up hiring in a short period of time, our recruiters have the experience to find the right staff quickly. We target candidates interested in flexible employment and thoroughly explain our employment process to attract large, high-quality groups of temporary employees for short-term assignments. Our go-to resources are well established to meet your needs.
Recruiting Team Blitz: When our clients need a large number of qualified employees in a short period of time, we use special, fast-paced methods to ramp up our recruiting quickly. It’s one of our specialties!
National Recruiting Team: During heavy ramp-up periods, we can rely on our National Recruiting Team to supplement our local i2SolversTech office recruiters. These “on call” recruiters mean we don’t need to spend extra time or resources hiring internal staff when you have heavy volume recruiting needs. Your order is always filled quickly and efficiently, at no extra cost to you.