Recruiting, Screening and Onboarding
Performance and productivity are critical to the success of your business. That’s why we use the industry’s most comprehensive and sophisticated recruiting, screening and onboarding processes to provide the candidates that are the precise fit for your culture and environment, with a unique approach that starts with listening to ensure the best long-term outcome. We find that our solutions don’t just fill a need—they deliver results.
How do we find the right employees for you? We don’t just wait for them to walk in our doors—our innovative, proactive recruiting methods actively seek them out, whether you need two, 200 or more than 2,000. Here are a few ways we find our temporary employees.
On-the-ground: We’re a part of the communities where we operate, and person-to-person networking and referrals remain one of our top ways to find candidates. Additionally, our trained recruiters know how to reach the places where temporary employees live, drive and shop across the region. From churches to grocery stores, from posters to lawn signs, our grassroots recruitment methods are targeted to connect local people to the right job opportunities.
Savvy tech: In addition to in-person recruiting, we use our website, social media, job boards and other tools to reach qualified candidates online. Candidates can apply online or in person, so it’s easy for them to connect with us.
Internal databases and notification tools: Our state-of-the-art employee database contains more than 1.5 million pre-screened candidates, including many who are available for new assignments at a moment’s notice. We also use innovative notification tools to reach large groups of candidates instantly when positions become available, through the communication methods they prefer. These tools help us easily and seamlessly track and connect with temporary employees.
Our screening process incorporates our interpersonal expertise gained over more than 50 years in the staffing business, while taking advantage of the latest advancements in technology. We’re confident in our ability to thoroughly vet every job applicant to your requirements. In fact, we only place about 30% of the candidates we meet.
Vetting applicants: We’re a trusted provider of background checks, and use multi-panel drug screening, the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify program and more. Our skilled recruiters employ personal methods, like behavioral interviewing techniques and reference checks, to predict an employee’s ability to succeed on the job.
Assessment tools: We partner with FirstAdvantage SkillCheck to provide hundreds of validated testing options to screen potential candidates. All new candidates take basic proficiency tests related to their type of work, and we also use targeted skill assessments for specific positions. We can customize our assessment program for your requirements.
Making sure our temporary employees are ready to start work from day one is critical. By providing customized employee information sessions for each new hire at the start of each new assignment, we can make that happen. We also encourage employees to ask questions to make sure they understand the job requirements so they can get started on the right foot.
Personalized onboarding: Information sessions for new hires often cover topics ranging from policies and expectations to safety and timekeeping procedures. Our local teams will customize our standard onboarding process to fit your needs. Personalized onboarding can also include tasks like issuing badges, providing safety awareness, or providing facility tours.
Additional resources: Our Corporate Resource Services team can create customized training videos and other media to further meet your individual needs.